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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching, exactly? 

At Goldinage we provide an empowering environment that enables you to clarify your retirement dreams, identify potential obstacles, and develop actionable strategies to reach your goals. We do not provide financial/estate/legal planning services but can refer you to those that do. 


Here are some key elements you can expect:

  1. Goal-Oriented: Coaching helps you identify and clarify your goals, both personally and professionally. It provides a structure to focus on specific outcomes, set by you, the client.

  2. Personalized: Coaching is tailored to the unique needs, challenges, and objectives of each client. No two retirement journeys are the same.

  3. Supportive and Challenging: Support and encouragement if offered to clients while also challenging them to push beyond their comfort zones to achieve greater levels of success.

  4. Accountability: I help to keep clients accountable, providing motivation and feedback to ensure they stay on track toward their goals.

  5. Confidentiality: I respect the privacy of my clients, ensuring a safe and secure environment for open and honest communication.

How long do you work with your clients?

It depends. A workshop or mindset might be a one-time engagement, or it might lead to a long-term engagement. Each client is different, as our their desired outcomes, but coaching agreements are typically for 6 to 12 months. Our services are designed with flexibility in mind. 

May I speak to one of your previous clients? 

Of course! I'm happy to put you in touch with previous clients to learn more. 

I'm not currently retired, nor will I retire in 3 years. May I still work with you? 

Perhaps! Reach out, and let's discuss your needs. If I'm not the best fit for you, I can refer you to another coach. 

I'm interested, but have reservations. How can I learn more?

Investing in oneself often comes with mixed emotions. If you are curious but hesitant, reach out, and let's set up a free hour consult call. There are no strings attached. You can also sign up for our newsletter or speak with a prior client. 

How does your fee structure work?

The coaching agreement and fee are e-mailed, based on services requested, following the consult call.

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